The Reality of Fast Fashion.

The Reality of Fast Fashion.

Did you know that the fashion industry is one of the most polluted industries globally?


According to the Council for Textile Recycling, the average US citizen throws away 70 pounds of clothing and other textiles annually.

That textile waste occupies nearly 5% of all landfill space. 

Clothing that is thrown away usually ends up in landfills, the most common method of waste treatment.

According to The Waste Management Hierarchy – a scale that ranks waste management options by their environmental impact – landfill is the most harmful to our planet. 

 What can you do to help our planet?

 Don't think of your clothes as disposable. Fast fashion and hoping on trends can be extremely expensive and detrimental to our environment.

Some benefits to shopping second-hand fashion:

  • Many items are vintage & exclusive pieces
  • Helping those in need 
  • Saving landfill space
  • Reduce greenhouse gases 
  • Conserves vital energy 

The Reality of Fast Fashion.

I myself have definitely contributed in the "fast fashion" trends over the years. Many popular brands that we shop daily are harming the environment and using modern day slave labor somewhere down their supply chain.
At this point I am sure you feel it is impossible to shop sustainable clothing.. 
It is super discouraging even for myself to see brands we know and love contributing to this. 
  1. Buy less "trendy" fashion items and thrift more. 
  2. If you live in an area where you do not have access to a thrift store, places like Etsy or Depop online. 
  3. Support small business. If this option is still limited to your style try doing research on brands that are at least striving to create better working conditions for their manufacturers. 
  4. Check quality of clothing, the right piece can last you months-years depending on how well you take care of it.
  5. Resell or donate. When you are done with your pieces donate to those in need or try reselling if you need the extra cash back. 
I have provided this guide so you can start a change within yourself.
In no way am I saying it is always easy or affordable to shop sustainable, but your small changes make the biggest difference. 
When was the last time you purged your closet and gave to those in need? How does that make you feel? 







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